We protect and promote our members’ interests across a range of national and international political arenas. We very much believe that co-management is the future and adaptive and dynamic policy is the platform; being involved is essential. A legacy of uncertainty is being transformed by a vision of change.

SWFPA operates a BUPA-based healthcare scheme tailor-made for our 1,400 members, ensuring access to the best possible medical care.

In answer to the sectors’ concerns, SWFPA created a company that supplies and operates a fish container service. Box Pool Solutions Ltd is now the provider of first choice with an unparalleled commitment to quality of services; the company currently operates 120,000 containers.

Together, these initiatives deliver a significant on-going financial saving to fishing businesses.

To help address the chronic shortage of trained crew, which is due in part to a recent downturn in fleet profitability, we work with accredited agents overseas to facilitate the transfer of non-EU nationals.

We constantly endeavour to meet the changing political and practical needs of Scotland's fish catchers.