Formed in 1943, SWFPA is the largest fishing association in Scotland and in Europe. We represent around 200 vessels and 1,400 fishermen who contribute £158 million (€200 million) to Scotland’s economy.

Our role is to act as their voice in the political world, provide practical help and plan and innovate for the future.

Our goal is to create and maintain resilient businesses and long-term stability so that our members can plan ahead with confidence. This can only be achieved through sustainable harvesting and a continued belief that our true wealth is not what fishers land to market but what they leave behind in the sea. That is why we work constantly to transform the way the seas are managed and to ensure that good husbandry is rewarded.

We believe our industry’s wealth is judged not only by its income, but by the health of its resource; this belief is woven through all we do. We are determined to safeguard the abundance and biodiversity of our fish stocks as well as providing sensible protection to vulnerable marine ecosystems. We believe that profitable business is best placed to deliver these ideals.

We are members of Europêche, the European platform enabling fluent communication between the European institutions and the fishing sector by keeping all relevant stakeholders informed of the concerns and objectives of EU fishermen in political decision making.

The mission of Europêche is to promote responsible and sustainable fishing practices that not only ensures a healthy and diverse marine environment but preserves an economically and socially sustainable fishing sector able to contribute to the growing world demand for healthy seafood.” Javier Garat, President of Europêche